Will you bring water or use ours?

This is a great question and especially important during times of drought / water restrictions.

The short answer is we will need to use a water supply at your property. Below are some examples of how much water we will need to use, bearing in mind that they are approximations.

8-10L per square metre for cleaning the roof surface


2L per linear metre for cleaning out gutters

The 3 bedroom cottage below with a 190 sqm footprint is more like 210 sqm of roof surface area when we take into account the pitch. 

Using the calculation above we could expect to use 2216L to clean it and the gutters.

Measuring Roof Tops

How much water do I have? Some rural properties have heaps of water, and others not as much. It all depends on when the house was built and how much has been invested in water security. A fairly common size tank we see, is around 30,000L, and to clean the above house we would use 7.4% of the tanks capacity.

If you have a rural home built in more recent times you probably have at least 67,500L, meaning our usage to clean the roof is more like 3.28%.

There is a lot to consider. We can use rain, bore or town* water, but note that we cannot use dam, creek or river water as whilst filtered, our machines are still sensitive to particles that get through. 

* Dependant on location.

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