My Colorbond roof has lichen growing on it, what can be done?

Lichen is the bane of Colorbond's existence. Although we can remove it, customers should note that once you can see lichen, the damage is done. It bonds with the powder coating and on removal will usually leave a small patch of bare metal where the lichen was. To remove lichen we use a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution and allow this to dwell on the affected area. We then remove the dead lichen with pressure.

It most cases the results are still fantastic, and the lighter the colour roof, the harder it is to spot where the lichen was. We have seen Colorbond roofing that has lost its powder coating (due to manufacturing defects) still last without rusting for many years. If however you would like more information about roof restoration, please contact us as we do offer this service.

Bare metal left behind after lichen removal

Roof cleaning does wonders for street appeal

Lichen causes damage

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